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SuperGrip Lead in Black

SuperGrip Lead in Black

PriceFrom £14.00

Leads in our favourite Super Grip black webbing with black hardware. This lead is 16mm in width-  thinner and lighter weight than the standard 19mm width. Super Grip is- super grippy! It has lots of bumps all over it to help you easily grip your waterproof lead.


1 metre is our favourite length for heel walking and loose lead training. There's no extra lead bunched up or hitting the floor while your dog is walking nicely in heel.


1.5 metres is our favourite length for all normal dog walking. It’s long enough to give your dog freedom to roam around and sniff but not so long that it gets in your way.


We can make this lead in a range of colours or sizes, please contact us to find out our current colour options. 

Waterproof webbing has an incredible breaking strength but it is not indestructible, please do not let your dog chew the lead, or leave dogs prone to chewing unattended with it. We do not ever recommend leaving a dog unattended with a lead and collar attached.


We will not be able to accept returns or replace leads that have been chewed.


The metal hardware is, well, metal, so it will rust over time if not kept dry and clean. The black coated metal that we use (rivets, clips, D rings) are of the highest quality but are prone to scratching over time with heavy use- as is the nature of coated metal. Uncoated, stainless steel will hold up better if this is something that will bother you.

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