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We know first-hand just how daunting it can be to book something like a dog training session when you have a disability, be it physical, mental, neurodivergence etc, and it's important to us that our services are as accessible and inclusive as possible. Here is just a brief list of the types of accommodations we are more than happy to make to ensure our 1:1 Dog Training Sessions are accessible to all. Obviously, dog training will always have a physical component to it but if you have any concerns about access please contact us and we will do our best to find a solution.

Disability Accommodations
- Wheelchair accessible meeting places
- Spaces with benches and resting spots
- Shorter sessions on request
- A full session summary sent via email
- Adapted training for your dog that requires no verbal commands
- Pre-session location info, including sensory concerns 
- All meeting spaces will be accessible via car and include free parking
- We can slow our speech on request
- We do not require eye-contact and can avoid it on request
- We do not require hand-shaking or physical contact of any kind
- You are always welcome to bring a friend, partner or guardian with you
- If your disability may require flexible cancellations let us know in
 advance and we can adjust for this

- Any kind of translator, including sign language, you are welcome to bring with you
- Literally anything else I have missed from this list.

Please note: We do not need to know your disability or any specifics about your personal and private medical history. You're welcome to tell us if you feel comfortable but it is not a requirement, all we need to know is any access concerns you have.

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