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With a name like Dogs of Jupiter, not everyone realises that we offer pet care for cats and rabbits too but it's one of our favourite parts of the job!

All of our Pet Sitting services are in your own home, so your pets can stay where they're comfortable while we visit them. We can tailor everything from length of visits to frequency of visits so if you have an extra playful cat we can stay longer.

We have two indoor cats ourselves so we are vigilant about entering homes, closing doors behind us and not opening windows and we know just how important it is! We've also won over a lot of extremely shy cats- we're respectful of their space and let them come to us in their own time.

We always set up a group Whatsapp chat for our pet sitting clients, so we can send updates, pictures and videos and also to keep up-to-date on any booking changes or pet requirements during the stay. We miss our pets desperately when we go away so we know how important pictures can be!

If you'd like to use our Pet Sitting services, check out our prices here and drop us an email here and we can set up a meet and greet and get you booked in! 

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