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Professional Dog Training in Reddish, Stockport!
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training 1:1

1-to-1 Training Sessions

All of our dog training sessions are exclusively 1-to-1 as we believe that all dogs are different and unique. Individual training sessions mean we have the time to really focus on your dog and come up with a personalised training plan that works best for both of you.

Before beginning any training we spend time looking at why your dog is struggling, working out the root cause of the behaviour, whether it be fear, anxiety, excitement or something else completely, and then we start to think about the training methods that can help.

Above all we prioritise your dog's safety and happiness in a session and also try to find aspects of training that you as an owner can enjoy. Training your dog is a full-time job so it's important that you both enjoy doing it!

Training issues we can help with: 

- Pulling on the lead

- Reactivity

- Crate training

- Barking in the home

- Introducing other animals

- Building play drive

- Handler engagement

and much more!

For some dogs a new training plan can mean a bit of a lifestyle change and it's for that reason that we exclusively work with the most dedicated owners who put in the work outside of sessions. Dog training is a lot of work but it's so worth it for the results!


Board and Train

We're excited to announce the start of our Board and Train program, where we board your dog in our home and work with them to get their training off to a head start. Like a bootcamp for dogs!

Each board and train stay will have a tailored training plan and will include a full summary and follow-on plan at the end of the stay, so that you have all the tools to continue your training journey.

We currently have a ten day minimum stay, this ensures that we have enough time to make a real difference with your dog. We also ask that all board and train dogs are fully crate trained and over 6 months old. We only take one board and train dog at a time so your dog will get our complete 1:1 attention.

Board and train will include:

2 - 3 custom training sessions per day

Minimum 2 walks per day suited to your dog's needs

The opportunity to be around neutral dogs regularly

Indoor house manners

All potential board and train dogs must complete a trial night in order to book, to ensure that we are the right fit for them.

Please note that, at the moment, we do not offer regular holiday boarding.


Day Train

Board and Train is going so well that we're also now expanding to include Day Train. All the benefits of Board and Train- without the boarding!

Day Train is a 9am - 5pm day of training for your dog. Same as Board and Train, we only take one dog for Day Train at a time so your dog will get our complete 1:1 attention. Depending on their training needs, we will do 2 - 3 training sessions with them and take them on training walks, either solo or with neutral dogs if that's what they need. 

Day Train will not have a minimum booking requirement but a 1:1 Training Session will be required first so that we can set up a training plan together. Obviously your dog won't be magically trained after one day but we can chip away at your training goals or help you build their confidence via new experiences.

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