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Board and Train

We're excited to announce the start of our Board and Train program, where we board your dog in our home and work with them to get their training off to a head start. Like a bootcamp for dogs!

All board and train dogs must be fully crate trained. We only take one board and train dog at a time so your dog will get our complete 1:1 attention.

Board and train will include:

2 - 3 custom training sessions per day

Daily training walks, suited to your dog's needs

The opportunity to be around neutral dogs regularly

Indoor house manners

Custom follow-on training plan

All potential board and train dogs must complete a trial night in order to book, to ensure that we are the right fit for them. Trial nights are £55 and this is deducted from the cost of your booking.

We currently have a one-week minimum stay for all new clients, although length of stay will directly influence the end result. While it differs for each dog, as a rough guide:

1 week: Intro to training drills and commands. We can begin teaching your

dog how to do the basics so you can continue progressing it afterwards.

2 weeks: Complete foundational skills and begin to advance. We can teach your dog the tools needed for training and begin to apply them in real life scenarios so you can copy the scenarios back at home.

3 weeks: Complete advanced training. We can teach your dog foundation skills, apply them in real life scenarios and advance the real life scenarios so they are easily transferable in a range of settings.

4 weeks: This is recommended for dogs with severe anxiety, fear or reactivity. As they will need longer to settle in and build a working relationship with us, we will need more time.

Please note, we cannot (nor should any trainer) guarantee specific results. All dogs are individual and learn at different paces. We do work to accommodate this and the trial night will give us time to assess your dog so we can make an estimation of progress for you. You will have to continue following your training plan after the board and train to continue seeing results.

BNT Drop-off is from 1pm-3pm

BNT Pick-up is from 10am-12pm

Prices are listed here

Please note that, at the moment, we do not offer regular holiday boarding.

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