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All of the testimonials below are real 5 star reviews from our Google Business profile

Edie, Google Review

Would absolutely recommend Laura as a dog trainer, we contacted her last year in desperate need of help with our rescue puppy who was too terrified to leave the house. Laura straight away booked us in for an assessment and from that first session gave us loads of advice and actions we could implement immediately. She tackled the problem from numerous angles giving us fun ways to build her confidence in the house, build her bond with us and improve her general behaviour. She met us for walks with other dogs in the hopes that would help build our dogs confidence outside, came to our house with loads of brilliant ideas for tackling the issue and gave us an incredible amount of support both in person and over text. Laura’s always open to answering queries and has helped us make decisions on medication and spaying. We’ve also used her for behavioural issues in the house and on lead walking. Through lots of work, training sessions and brilliant problem solving from Laura we’ve got to the point where our dog is genuinely confident and happy every day and will race around enjoying her walks under the motorway and confidently walk down busy roads. We would have never reached this point without Laura’s support and we are incredibly grateful for her help in making our dogs life as happy as possible - thank you Laura!
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